The demand for mobile data continues to grow with more devices connecting to wireless networks than ever before. Better connectivity is essential for finding information about jobs, completing schoolwork and accessing healthcare and public resources. That’s why 72% of Maryland voters agree that permitting 5G infrastructure is necessary.

As we move toward the next generation of connectivity, known as 5G, Montgomery County will need more communications infrastructure—primarily small cells underpinned by fiber to meet our growing wireless demand and realize the benefits of 5G.

The Montgomery County Council just introduced ZTA 19-07, which will streamline deployment of small cell antennas in residential zones – a critical step in bringing information, ideas, innovations and 5G to the people and businesses across the county who need them. Thirty states and countless communities across the nation have already passed similar small cell legislation, including Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Baltimore, Prince George’s County, and Howard County. Without a small cell bill, Montgomery County risks falling behind.

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Dear Councilmembers, 

I’m a resident of Montgomery County and I urge you to support ZTA 19-07, which will enhance connectivity by streamlining the deployment of small cells—the backbone of 5G. Montgomery County needs 5G to enhance remote work capabilities; make it easier for patients to talk with doctors; and improve students connectivity. With speeds up to 100 times faster, 5G is essential as we increasingly rely on our mobile devices to stay connected. 

Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the District of Columbia have all adopted similar ordinances. Our neighboring counties will reap the economic benefits of 5G, which will generate $1.5 billion in GDP for the state and over 9,700 new jobs. I support the ordinance, ZTA 19-07, to ensure Montgomery County remains competitive. 


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