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Connectivity is at the core
of everything we do.

Whether we’re at work, at home, or on-the-go, we rely on wireless technology to communicate in our everyday lives.

Whether it’s boosting service at a packed football stadium, powering a smart city, or transforming healthcare with remote surgeries and advancements in mobile care—next-generation networks, such as 5G, are our future.

5G is an exciting opportunity for Maryland. With the right combination of technologies and infrastructure investment across the state, we can create connected communities and prepare for innovative technologies.

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MD5G’s partners are committed leaders united by the mission to educate and advocate for a better-connected Maryland.

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How 5G Benefits You

The shift in the way we communicate has evolved rapidly in the last few years. We depend on mobile data to operate efficiently in our daily lives. The revolution to 5G will deliver data at rates 20x faster than the infrastructure in place today enabling new technologies and innovations to thrive. In the coming years, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) will power how we live—and how we work—in even more ways.


5G in the News

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Will Montgomery County Fall Behind?

The impact of the pandemic has highlighted inequities in access to community resources, telehealth, distance learning, and jobs. As dependencies on online services increase dramatically, we cannot afford to have the consequential increases in social inequities. We need 5G infrastructure in place sooner rather than later. So why isn’t more bandwidth and lower latency coming…

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With remote instruction the new normal, focus on ultrafast digital access

5G networks would boost speed, better serve multiuser households Since the start of the coronavirus, we have seen students across the country navigate the challenge of transitioning to at-home, virtual learning. Now, students stream videos, receive digital assignments, live chat with teachers and peers, and learn new material through dynamic media in an unprecedented fashion….

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5G is Coming

Wireless infrastructure is getting overwhelmed. Data usage is growing exponentially and the global pandemic is generating more demand for connectivity. Inconveniences like frozen Zoom screens or inability to text or place calls illustrate the growing strain. Looking to sell policy makers and community stakeholders on wireless 5G networks, Maryland’s technology, civic and business leaders announced…

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Verizon announces 5G connectivity is coming to Baltimore City

Verizon announced Tuesday that 5G connectivity is coming to Baltimore City, making it the first city in Maryland to get the high-speed wireless tech. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to how it could innovate the city. “Sometimes it gets congested in that Inner Harbor area so, you know having that smart meter…

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