MD5G Partnership Launches in Support of 5G Deployment throughout Maryland

Today, a group of Maryland’s technology, civic and business leadership announced the formation of the MD5G Partnership—a coalition to create more connected communities through communications infrastructure and 5G—the next-generation of connectivity. Current members of the MD5G Partnership include: Maryland Tech Council, Greater Baltimore Committee, Northeast Maryland Tech Council, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Verizon, Ports…

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Montgomery County should not let junk science stop 5G

For months now, the new administration in Montgomery County has promised to make the county more friendly to business. It has done a lot of talking to the business community and said a lot of the right things….

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5G is knocking on Md.’s door — but we’re not answering

Legislation that would have established statewide standards in Maryland to streamline the permitting and installation of new high-tech equipment so Internet and wireless cell phone providers can offer a faster, more reliable service known as 5G has once again been rejected and the interested parties encouraged to develop a consensus….

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The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t

How one scientist and his inaccurate chart led to unwarranted fears of wireless technology. …

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Ericsson breaks 5G millimeter wave speed record with 4.3Gbps downloads

Given the recently rapid pace of major tech innovations, it’s easy to forget that only several years have passed since it became feasible to stream 4K videos over wired home broadband connections. Now Ericsson says its latest 5G hardware will be able to transfer a full hour of 4K video in as little as 14 seconds, with consumer availability coming later this year….

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5G wireless is coming — and the battle has already begun over where to allow the antennas in Maryland

Wireless companies say the devices are an integral part of the promising new wireless technology known as fifth generation, or 5G. The smaller antennas are necessary to carry signals that will deliver data and video even faster to consumers’ phones — and power the technology behind self-driving vehicles, improved communications between ambulances and hospitals, and smarter timing of traffic lights….

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Carroll commissioner ‘won’t rest’ until entire county has internet; board approves broadband feasibility study

Carroll County took a step toward spreading internet access to rural areas as the Board of County Commissioners approved a broadband feasibility study Thursday. Carroll, along with six other Maryland counties, sought a contractor to conduct a study that would help counties assess their broadband needs and obtain grant funding for broadband projects, according to Mark Ripper, director of technology services. He said the counties, with Montgomery leading the charge, chose to band together rather than do the work in piecemeal fashion….

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