Council OKs rules, fees for 5G cell antennas, but more work remains

Montgomery County Council members last week green-lighted another step forward in the long-debated deployment of 5G small cell antennas throughout the county— but more work remains between the county and major telecommunications companies….

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County Council amends bill that could allow 5G cell antennas, rejects further delay

The Montgomery County Council on Tuesday made changes to a bill to allow 5G cell service, including where antennas may be built and the height of new poles. The council is deliberating a zoning text amendment that would provide guidelines for the placement of antennas countywide. 5G networks require smaller equipment that can be placed…

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Opinion: Telehealth deserves attention in debate over 5G technology

While MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society, does not normally get involved in local zoning matters, we do think Montgomery County needs to consider health care as it considers its technology infrastructure. One only needs to look to the recent pandemic to see the importance of access to high-speed internet. When COVID-19 swept the globe…

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Montgomery County should not let junk science stop 5G

For months now, the new administration in Montgomery County has promised to make the county more friendly to business. It has done a lot of talking to the business community and said a lot of the right things. In fact, county officials used Valentine’s Day to announce a new economic development team and a new…

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Montgomery County: Support for ZTA 19-07

As members of the MD5G Partnership, we support ZTA 19-07 to ensure the streamlined deployment of small cells in Montgomery County and position our community to benefit from enhanced 4G as well as 5G, which will make it easier for people to find information about jobs, for students to complete their homework, and improved access…

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Will Montgomery County Fall Behind?

The impact of the pandemic has highlighted inequities in access to community resources, telehealth, distance learning, and jobs. As dependencies on online services increase dramatically, we cannot afford to have the consequential increases in social inequities. We need 5G infrastructure in place sooner rather than later. So why isn’t more bandwidth and lower latency coming…

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With remote instruction the new normal, focus on ultrafast digital access

5G networks would boost speed, better serve multiuser households Since the start of the coronavirus, we have seen students across the country navigate the challenge of transitioning to at-home, virtual learning. Now, students stream videos, receive digital assignments, live chat with teachers and peers, and learn new material through dynamic media in an unprecedented fashion….

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